Nurse Residency

By: Nanci McLeskey (DNP, MCG, MDiv, RN-BC, CHPN, FNGNA), Program Lead

We had an exciting Boot Camp on September 28, 2018 launching our 2018-2019 GWEP Nurse Resident Program! We had an awesome group attending: 18 nurse residents, 8 mentors and 6 administrative personnel from Mission and Avalon facilities. It was a wonderful time to get to know each other, discuss the GWEP nurse resident course and plan our next 9 months. The Nurse Resident Program includes 3 sections (beginning in September, January and March) with content on becoming better equipped in the care of the older adult, what nurses need to know in having a high level nursing home, and the last section concludes with nursing home nurse leadership and communication skills. During Boot Camp, all the nurse residents shared great ideas for their quality improvement projects to be completed during the course. AARP Salt Lake City Headquarters were
gracious to host us in their spacious conference room. We are looking forward to another exciting year!

In addition to their course work, the Nurse Residents are working on completing their End of Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) certificate as well as their Alzheimer’s Disease and other Related Dementia Certificate. Both of these certificates will better equip them to care for those that are seriously ill and/or dying and those that are suffering from a dementia, which we know are not unfamiliar conditions in long-term care (LTC). As a previous LTC nurse and now co-director for the NRP program, it is my great pleasure and privilege to be walking beside each of these nurses and to be working with these great companies!!