GWEP Indigenous Peoples Consortium

The GWEP Indigenous Peoples Consortium invites you to join the upcoming webinar series, "Honoring Indigenous Elders: Building Community Partnership to Support Care," to share information and programs supporting age-friendly healthcare for Indigenous elders. The series is for health care clinicians, educators, community organizations, and Indigenous peoples.

The Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP), a Health Resources and Services Administration grant program, is dedicated to promoting quality care for older adults through the Age-Friendly Health Systems model. The Indigenous Peoples Consortium is a collaboration of GWEPs nationwide committed to improving care for American Indian, Alaskan Natives, and Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander older adults through culturally-centered education and training that honors their traditions while improving health outcomes.

Past Webinars: 
11/16/22 - "Honoring Indigenous Elders: Building Community Partnerships to Support Care | Partnership Opportunities to Support the Health of Indigenous Elders"

View recording below and download slides here.
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Note, there is no available recording of this webinar.