Our bi-monthly Fireside Chats are based on ADRD, age-friendly health systems and dementia-friendly communities topics and are held at our community partners' (Legacy Retirement Communities, Avalon Health Care, Mission Health Services, Community Nursing Services) facilities. These chats are open to the community and are designed to offer both in-person and remote access to the presentations using audio web-based technology. Please check our events calendar to see when and where the next Fireside Chat will be held. The event on the calendar will also contain the link to join the Fireside Chat remotely.Click "Read More" below to listen to past Fireside Chats.

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Expert faculty and clinicians at the University of Utah have created a series of free online training modules to help increase knowledge about Alzheimer’s Disease
and Related Dementias (ADRD) and improve care of residents with dementia. These trainings are designed for patients, family members, and direct care employed
in post-acute or long-term care settings.
The online educational program is divided into four modules that, in total, will take 2-3 hours to complete. The topics covered in each module include:
  • Overview of Dementia
  • Understanding Behaviors and Your Approach
  • Effective Communication within Long-Term Care
  • Communication and Understanding Behaviors
Below is the link to the modules. Further instructions on completing the course will be listed on the home page of the modules. Thank you for taking the time to
learn more about Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias!

Click here to access the ADRD Modules


Download the pdf

GWEP Learning Community

Our 2018 GWEP Retreat was full of meaningful information shared by members of the
GWEP team and our partners. We heard from our 2016/17 faculty fellow; Alisyn May,
PharmD, BCACP, CDE; on deprescribing and the importance of it moving forward in long-term
care. Next, we listened to exciting updates on our programs: the learning communities,
medical director certification, ADRD community education and the nurse residency program.
Our long-term care partners from Mission Health Services and Avalon Healthcare then spoke
about the opportunities and challenges in long-term care. Breakout sessions were later used
to discuss hiring and retention of CNAs, primary care to long-term care, what is and is not working
in our current programs and other opportunities for our grant to explore. To finish up our 2018
retreat, we listened to updates from our different strands and fellows. To top it all off, we got the
chance to see what quality improvement projects our nurse residents had been working on and
they were absolutely incredible! The 2018 GWEP Retreat was a successful gathering for our grant
and we gained such great insights from everyone involved. To see a full report of what we learned
at our retreat, click above to download the PDF.

The Learning Community involves live video-conferencing presentation sessions that provide healthcare workers with increased training for working with older adults. Our participants are DONs, nurses, doctors, and other team members in long-term care facilities. Presenters to the learning community have expertise in particular topics in post-acute or long-term care. To see when the next Learning Community session is, check our events calendar. If you are interested in attending, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Below are some of the past Learning Community recordings:

6/18/2020: UGEC Partner Retreat: Age-Friendly LTSS ECHO - Presented by: Ellen Flaherty, PhD, APRN, AGSF, Cherie Brunker, MD, CMD, FACP, Sandra DeBry, MBA, Sara Phillips, MBA, BSN, CPHQ
6/18/2020: UGEC Partner Retreat: Nurse Residency Program Recognition 2020 - Presented by Nanci McLeskey, Joan Gallegos, Julie Wagner, and Jacquie Telonidis
6/12/19: PALTC Learning Community- Mindfulness for Self-Care and Success
               Presented by Katarina Felsted, PhD

5/15/19: PALTC Learning Community- Increasing Identification and Reporting of Condition
Changes in PALTC
              Presented by Benjamin Coulam, BSN, DNP Student

3/27/19: PALTC Learning Community- Applying Opioid Wisdom to the PA/LTC Setting
              Presented by Michael S. Galindo, MD, FACP
2/5/19: PALTC Learning Community- When and How to Screen for Common Geriatric Conditions Among Older Adults
              Presented by Randall W. Rupper, MD, MPH
1/8/19: PALTC Learning Community- Insights to Improve Communication and Care Transitions in PALTC
              Presented by Whitney Haseman, MD and Timothy W. Farrell, MD, AGSF
11/6/18: PALTC Learning Community- Serious Illness Communication Skills Training Series
                Part 4/4 (Discussing Life-Sustaining Treatments) presented by Shaida Talebreza-Brandon, MD
10/16/18: PALTC Learning Community- Serious Illness Communication Skills Training Series
                Part 3/4 (Aligning with Patient Values) presented by Shaida Talebreza-Brandon, MD
8/14/18: PALTC Learning Community- Serious Illness Communication Skills Training Series
                Part 1/4 (Reframing: We're in a Different Place) presented by Shaida Talebreza-Brandon, MD