Fireside Chats

Our Fireside Chats are based on ADRD, age-friendly health systems and dementia-friendly communities topics and are held at our community partners' (Legacy Retirement Communities, Avalon Health Care, Mission Health Services, Cascades Healthcare, Community Nursing Services) facilities. These chats are open to the community and are designed to offer both in-person and remote access to the presentations using audio web-based technology. The Fireside Chats are held on the first Thursday of each month at 10 a.m. MT. Please check our events calendar to see when the next Fireside Chat will be held. The event on the calendar will also contain the link to join the Fireside Chat remotely. For help with Zoom videoconferencing click HERE     

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Below are links to the recordings of past Fireside Chats: 
4-1-21 - Patricia Schwab, BS, Planning Together for Living with Dementia  
Download slides HERE
3-4-21 - Lisa Morrise, Executive Director for Consumers Advancing Patient Safety, Engage is a Verb: Active Engagement Between Clinicians, Patients, Family Members and Caregivers
Download slides HERE
Find additional resources below:
  1. From Comagine Health:  Innovative Activities: Preserving Functional Ability During the COVID-19 Crisis.
  2. From the Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care:
  3. From the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services:
2/4/21 - Ann Wolter, RN, DON and Kate Nederostek, MGS, CDP from the Solstice Medical Group presenting, "A Good Life to the Very End"
Download slides HERE
1/7/21 - Dr. Jeanette Koski presenting, "Utilizing Procedural Memory as a Means to Increase ADL Participation for Those with Dementia"
Download slides HERE
12/3/20- Dr. Sarah Morimoto presenting "Neuroplasticity in the Aging Brain: How to Maintain and Enhance Function"
11/5/20- Dr. Troy Andersen, presenting "Dementia Care Transitions: Dead Ends, Detours, Denial"
Download slides HERE
10/1/20- Michelle Malais, CSA presenting "Funding Care in Independent, Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities"
Download slides HERE
9/10/20- Emily Christensen, MS presenting "Music-Based Caregiving"
Download presentation information and resources HERE
8/20/20- Dr. Gail Towsley presenting "Me & My Wishes"
Download slides HERE
8/6/20- Scott Rasmussen, Moriah Mason and Nancy Madsen presenting on "Getting the Help You Need: Community Resources for Caregivers"
Download Scott's slides HERE
Download Moriah's slides HERE
Download Nancy's slides HERE
Find the contact information for Utah AAA's HERE

7/16/20- Rosemary Quatrale presenting on "Creative Interventions to Reduce Social Isolation for People with Dementia and their Caregivers"                                                                                                              Download slides HERE

7/2/20- Dr. Corinna Tanner presenting on "Tips & Tricks for Optimizing Vision"
Download slides HERE

6/25/20- Melissa Batchelor, PhD presenting on "How to Stay Healthy Long-Term during COVID-19"
Download slides HERE

6/4/20- Jackie Eaton, PhD presenting on "Arts-Based Activities for Persons with Dementia"
Download slides HERE

5/21/20- Dr. Jim Ballard presenting on "Simple Exercises You Can Do in the Home"

Download slides HERE   
Find Online Exercise Examples HERE

5/7/20- Katarina Felsted, PhD presenting on "Promoting Resilience through Mindfulness"
Download slides HERE

4/23/20- Dr. Tim Chambless presenting on "Current Issues and How to Identify 'Fake News' or Information"

4/9/20- Dr. Kathie Supiano presenting on "Coping with Stress During the Health Crisis"
Download slides HERE

2/10/20- Kara Dassel, PhD presenting on "The LEAD Guide: Life-Planning in Early Alzheimer's and Dementia"
Download slides HERE

Download LEAD Guide HERE

12/4/19- Dr. Rand Rupper presenting on "Screening for the 3 D's: Dementia, Depression, & Delirium"
Download slides HERE

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