Managing Opioid Use in Long-Term Services and Supports

These interprofessional modules for students, health care providers and LTSS staff are centered around opioid use, including topics such as:

  • Reasons for prescribing opioids to treat acute and chronic pain
  • Pharmacology of opioid use in older adults with multiple chronic conditions including dementia
  • Appropriate prescribing of opioids in nursing home residents
  • Opioid misuse in nursing home residents including assessment and treatment
  • Non-opioid pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic pain management regimens

Click the links below to review each module!

Module 1: Opioid use in long-term care

Module 2: Opioids and risks in older adults

Module 3: Opioid use in older adults with dementia

Module 4: Recommendations and strategies for opioid use in older adults

Module 5: Applying Opioid wisdom to long-term care

Module 6: SBIRT- A hammer or screwdriver? Choosing the right tool

Module 7: Non-opioid pharmacological & non-pharmacological pain management techniques

Module 8: Motivational interviewing

Opioid therapy